From light truck and automotive to heavy duty, off-highway construction, Luber-finer’s entire product line of filters are designed to keep your vehicles and equipment running cleaner, longer. Luber-finer is a global manufacturer of heavy duty filtration products, providing filtration solutions for: transportation, off road/mining, marine, agriculture and automotive light truck.

  • Lube FiltersToday’s demanding engines require the most effective oil filtration available. Field tests prove that Luber-finer lube filters provide the best engine protection you can buy.
    Real-Time Filtration Solutions That Reduce Engine Wear, Reduce Downtime, Reduce Operating Costs.
  • Luber-finer Fuel Filters/Water SeparatorsThe sensible and economic way of fighting water and other contaminants in fuel lines! Modern engine fuel injection system pressure has increased to the point where even the smallest particles can cause erosion of the injectors. Luber-finer offers an entire product line of fuel filter/water separators and an aftermarket bolt-on fuel coalescer that works with an existing fuel filter.
  • Air Filters  Removes 99.9% Of Airborne Contaminants!Featuring Luber-finer XL Air Filters for 25-30% more dirtholding capacity - even in the most extreme operating environments.- Reduced Filter Changes, - Reduced Labor Costs, - Reduced Downtime, - Reduced Engine Damage, - From Over-Servicing
  • Coolant Filters Luber-finer Coolant System ProductsLuber-finer offers a full line of standard service coolant filters and products to help avoid costly engine failure. Also featuring patented "CRT" Controlled Release Technology™, coolant filters for extended service intervals. And Lubercool II Supplemental Coolant Additive protects coolant systems from corrosion and build-up of harmful deposits. Luber-finer on-site coolant analysis tests nitrile levels, ph levels and freeze points.
  • Hydraulic Filters  Luber-finer Hydraulic & Transmission FiltersToday, most hydraulic systems run at higher pressures and much faster cycle times. This means that control valves and moving parts are running at closer tolerances leaving much more room for system damage. Luber-finer hydraulic filters ensure reduced system wear and sensitivity which in turn lowers maintenance costs. Luber-finer offers a full-line of hydraulic and transmission filters to maintain stringent system requirements.
  • Auto Filters  Luber-finer Light Truck and AutomotiveLuber-finer filters are designed and manufactured according to stringent OEM requirements. Lean Manufacturing processes help assure our customers that they are getting the highest quality filters at the most competitive prices on the market today.Luber-finer Family of Products Offer - Full Line Availability! - Newest Filter Technology! - Side-By-Side OEM Replacement!